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About KJfilms...

KJfilms, LLC began helping the production community in 1998. Owner Jeff Hoyt was freelancing in production for many years at that point. Taking notice to the growing need for equipment rental in the area, he decided to form KJfilms. He now serves all varieties of clients from corporate and industrial to documentary and feature film.

KJfilms has established itself as not only an easy and convenient company to deal with, but professional, down to earth, and extremely flexible. Its "better than competitive" pricing has helped production companies and independent producers get their projects done on time, and on budget.


Jeff Hoyt has been working in the industry now for almost 20 years. He has been shooting for 12 years and continues to build a strong foundation of creative work. He worked for many years in various positions such as AC, grip, electric and gaffer.
Always doing camerawork on the side, he knew he was following the proper channels towards being a DP.

With a strong lighting background, he has been shooting projects for many years now, everything from documentaries and shorts, to corporate and broadcast. With his skills as a DP and the equipment offerings of KJfilms, Jeff offers clients a convenient, safe package to add to their next project.

Jeff's Resume

KJfilms, LLC
East Haddam, CT
office: (860) 873-2419
cell: (860) 995-5106

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